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 KCCOG7 has provided over a half century of service to the Kansas City area. In the early 1950s, through the efforts of Elders John Westfall, Burton Rogers, and others the congregation transitioned from in home locations, tent meetings and trips to Stanberry, Missouri, to establish its first permanent location at the Westport Lodge of the I.O.O.F.
    As the congregation experienced growth during the mid 1950s, the need for expansion was fulfilled with the procurement in 1956 of the church located at 3601 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, Missouri, where we would reside for thirty years under the leadership of notable ministers such as LL Christiansen.
    In 1986 the congregation made the move to its present location at 9207 Old Santa Fe Rd, Kansas City, Missouri, continuing to serve their membership, providing for the community and hosting "This Christian School" a private non-denominational accredited institute. While the school is no longer in existence the church continues to be a presence in the community.

{ Our People }

We are a diverse group of people from across the KC metroplex who are committed to God and to each other. Our congregation includes farmers, nurses, students, construction workers, business people, and retirees. Every generation is represented here, along with a growing rainbow of skin colors! All are welcome, but what unites us is our love for God and our desire to grow in our relationship with Him through Jesus. If you share this desire, or want to discover more about it, you might feel at home here too!

kccog7006004{ Our Vision }

To help people to know and love Jesus Christ so that they can live the abundant, eternal life that is only found in a relationship with Him. For those who've begun walking with Jesus, we want to walk alongside them to help them know and love Him more!

{ Our Mission }

We are committed to sharing the love of Christ as we worship, fellowship, learn and serve together. Each of these aspects (sharing Christ, worship, fellowship, learning, and serving) are vital elements of who we are and what we do. Our mission starts with creating a community where we truly care for one another, and extends beyond our walls in concentric circles to our families, our friends, our communities, our nation, and our world.



The Kansas City Church of God (7th) Day) Online America’s Heartland In Missouri’s Northwest Corner  The City of Fountains, Air travel thru KCI airport. Easily connected by Interstates I-35 & I-70 with rail service by AMTRAK. The local congregation serves the Metro and extended areas. We are one of five in-state churches. Additional COG7 church bodies near to us; North, are St Joseph 45 minutes and Stanberry two hours by auto, together with Springfield and Joplin the southern most, two hours drive each.

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