Kansas City Church of God 7th Day



January 28, 2016


Establishing good and committed prayer practice can be a challenge. For sure better prayer habits would be beneficial for me! Is there something about prayer that frightens us away? In considering the prayers of David, there is a pattern that presents itself that may help us answer this dilemma (at least I am evaluating it in my life).

Humbly and broken David cries out to God for deliverance from enemies and for help with various other needs. Following close behind his personal requests we notice that there is a secondary component to David’s prayers. Asking the LORD to lead him into truth, into righteousness, to be shown The Way, this is his sincere plea. I have to believe David knew asking these things of God was surely asking God to change him! Please read Psalm for yourself, notice David's prayer patterns. You may find that this “secondary” component is more a “primary” ingredient in his prayer life.

So, like David, we often find ourselves in great physical and/or spiritual need. It is God alone that can meet our needs and fill us with His teaching guiding Spirit. The key is to take “it” to the LORD in prayer. But it's true, change frightens us and fear can deter us from right actions. Fear can even keep us from the “right action” of a daily powerful prayer life.                                              Why?... 'cause prayer changes things!

Don't be afraid of change. Remember, since sin came into the world, we have been on a journey back to God. Praise God for He has given us Jesus so that we do not have to remain that SAME OLD MAN, WE CAN GET BACK TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! Our desire ought to be for God to have His will in us; that means growth and that means change.

Don't be afraid, meet the challenge, make it a habit...and Pray on!

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