Kansas City Church of God 7th Day


Recalling the story of Esther

January 12, 2016

Before Esther opened what must have been a huge, scary door to enter in before King Ahasuerus…she took time to prepare. This decision could cost her dearly. Disapproval from the king would mean much more than losing her life...likely it would mean the annihilation of her people, the Jewish people.

Trusting in the grace of God through this desperate time, she sought the LORD with prayer and fasting. Appealing to the Jews around her and others in her charge, she united with an entire “congregation” to bring about God’s amazing providence.

You know the story, the victorious outcome…not only are the people of God spared, they are promoted!! Praise the LORD!!

How can we be assured of a victorious outcome when the heavens open and Jesus descends? Will it be like a “huge, scary door” opening or will it be a day of rejoicing!? With a sense of urgency, let us fast and pray so that we may walk, talk, and live after the Spirit. May we worship the LORD in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). May we find ourselves trusting in the grace of God and so meeting with our KING’S approval.

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